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Common Mistakes When Selling


Home is Priced Wrong

Of course, every seller wants to get the most possible money out of their property. However, this will not happen by pricing your property too high. A high listing price will cause buyers to lose interest before they even look at your property. On the other hand, a listing price that is too low will cause buyers to feel there is something wrong with the property, or you are hiding something. In general, your property should be priced according to its fair market value, taking market conditions as well as other factors into consideration. Your agent has the expertise to help you determine your homes fair market value.


Not Staging Your Home Properly

As obvious as this mistake may seem, it is still very widespread among home sellers. If you are trying to sell your home, it is imperative that you make your home as pleasant looking as possible. Failing to ensure your home is clean, presentable and welcoming will quickly turn away potential buyers. Utilizing the services of a professional home stager can go a long way in boosting the sale of your home. You agent can also offer you invaluable assistance in the process of staging your home.


Presence During a Home Showing

Buying a home is a very emotional experience. After all, it is likely the largest investment anyone will ever make. As a result, you should allow prospective buyers to comfortably examine your property. Trying to forcefully sell your home during a showing will take away from the pleasant home buying experience. This will surely make any potential buyers look elsewhere. The best idea is to point out any important amenities and be accessible to questions. It is always the best idea to allow your agent to show your home on their own. Buyers feel rushed when home owners are present during a showing or an open house and therefore do not spend the proper amount of time they need to make a real informed decision.


Trying to Sell to Everyone

Everyone who comes into your open house is not a prospective buyer. As a matter of fact, most individuals who attend your showing are not ready to buy, and many are neighbours and local people who are just curious about your home. A good real estate agent will be able to distinguish between a window shopper and a real interested buyer. Trying hard to sell to the wrong people is very inefficient and time consuming. This will result in missed opportunities to focus your attention on real interested buyers.


Signing a No Escape Contract with Your Agent

Hopefully you take your time to pick the right real estate agent to represent you. However, as we can relate, circumstances sometimes do in fact change. Before signing a contract with your agent, make sure you are not bound to that realtor in anyway. You should know the exact terms of the contract, so in circumstances where you want to find another agent, you can easily do so without any harsh penalties.


Poor Marketing, Advertising or Online Presence

Your real estate agent should have the experience to employ the necessary marketing techniques to help sell your home. Today, information technology and the internet are the number one means to attract prospective buyers. When searching for an agent, make sure they have the necessary skills and resources to use the internet effectively to attract buyers. Otherwise, you will risk your home being on the market longer than it should be. Things to ask yourself are, does your agent have a website? Use Facebook? Twitter? etc. This will ensure that your home gets the most possible exposure it can.


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