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Tips For Staging Your Home


It’s all about first impressions!
Home staging is a great way to help in selling your home as ithelps your home look more attractive while highlighting some of its best features. If your home is on the market, your goal is to make potential buyers feel like they could live there, and one of the best ways to do this is to neutralize the surroundings. Home buying is very emotional and you want potential buyers to feel warm when they enter and feel like they are at home already.
Below are some helpful styling tips to help put your home in prime showing shape!


• Clear out your closets and clutter
• Focus on highlighting the most visible areas in your home (kitchen, living room, master suite, family room etc)
• Remove personal items in your home like family photos and souvenirs
• Put away large items such as porcelains, plates and vases to create more space
• In the summer, water your grass and garden 30 minutes before an open house- this will make your lawn sparkle
• Do not cook anything that will leave an odor (fish, garlic etc) - baking cookies earlier in the day is a great strategy as well!
• Set the dining room table with attractive linens and dishes
• Neatly arrange fresh flowers throughout your home
• Uses mirrors to help smaller rooms look more open

• Move or remove excess furniture to make rooms look larger

• Paint and touch up walls - Utilize neutral colours where possible
• Use as much natural light as possible
• Make small repairs to faucets, squeaking doors and fences
• Bring another set of eyes to help you catch something you may have overlooked


Your agent can help you throught this process and also offer contact information for professional home stagers as well.

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